REvil, A Popular Ransomware Group Vanishes from Internet

The websites managed by the group went down on Tuesday


The websites of REvil became inaccessible on Tuesday. The ransomware group is supposed to be based in Russia and was behind some of the biggest cyberattacks in recent times.

Popular news sites like the BBC, CNBC, Reuters and The Washington Post have reported that the websites operated by this group went down in the early hours of Tuesday. REvil had recently taken responsibility for a string of ransomware attacks that affected around 800 to 1500 businesses worldwide including schools. It demanded money in exchange for the data it stole and encrypted.

The reason why the websites went down is unaware. This may be because the group was targeted by the authorities or maybe because the group has caught more attention than it desired. This comes at a time when cybercrime tensions are on the rise between the US and Russia.