Reliance announces JioPhone smartphone in partnership with Google


Reliance Jio will launch an affordable smart phone in collaboration with Google soon in India Market. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Jio announced this news during the annual general meeting that took place online earlier today.

The affordable smart phone will be called as JioPhone Next and it will be developed in partnership with Google. In this occasion Alphabet CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai, made a pre-recorded statement, in which he revealed more details about the software of the smartphone and few other details.

The new JioPhone will arrive with Android Go, and apps like Google Camera Go, Chrome, and the Play Store. Pichai revealed his teams at Mountain View “have optimized a version of Android OS especially for this device”. It will support Android updates and will have “feature drops”, according to a press release. More hardware related news are yet to be revealed.

Ambani also revealed that it will be available from September 10 and will be “the cheapest smartphone by far in India and around the world.”