OPPO MagVOOC enhances magnetic wireless charging

The company has not revealed when these products will be launched in the market

OPPO MagVOOC enhances magnetic wireless charging

Apple was the first to introduce magnetic wireless charging. It had refurbished its MagSafe to support magnet-assisted wireless charging. It is natural that other manufacturers follow this path. OPPO has announced that it had been working on similar technology and the new MagVOOC tech is featuring magnetic wireless charging support. 

As identified, wireless charging technologies lack in a certain number of ways. If the devices are not positioned correctly or if the charging coils are far apart then the charging will not be supported. The problem with the right positioning of the device is being addressed by new enhanced technologies in the field of magnetic wireless charging. 

Similar to Apple’s MagSafe and Realme MagDart, OPPO MagVOOC employs magnets to correct the position of the device’s charging coil with respect to the charger. Therefore, the positioning will be automatically corrected even if the device is not properly placed by the user. OPPO has unveiled three MagVOOC wireless flash charging products at the Smart China Expo 2021. One is a wireless power bank, an ultra-thin flash charger, and a charging stand. According to the company, the charging stand decreases the time taken in preparation for charging the phone by 60%. The company has not given details on how fast the charging technology is. 

The event also showcased in-car phone connectivity technologies. It unveiled a digital car key that allows the users to unlock their cars using OPPO Find X3 or OPPO Watch 2. It will also allow the users to access some features like air conditioning and horn. However, the company has not revealed when these products will be launched in the market.