OnePlus launches ‘Star Wars’ 5T in time for ‘The Last Jedi’ in India

OnePlus Star Wars


As Star Wars, “The Last Jedi” approaches its December 15th theatrical release, get ready to see the power of Disney’s fully armed and operational merchandising machine. OnePlus has revealed that it will be part of that circus with the 5T Star Wars Limited Edition smartphone. Coming to India on December 14th, it’s bedecked with a red side button, backside Star Wars logo and screen theme featuring First Order storm trooper wallpaper.

OnePlus teased the device via at the Comic Con in Bengaluru, and will unveil it in Mumbai at a popup store on December 14th, with ticket sales kicking off on Thursday. In a teaser video it also revealed what looks like a new, more geometric font, but that might be strictly part of the Star Wars branding tie-in.