New scrolling technique promises accelerated skim reading and information review

crolling method in skim reading

The blast of advanced substance and information that we take in from screens every day through archives, email chains, website pages and online networking streams is huge. In ordinary looking over, various items are moving in the viewer window, which is risky for visual consideration. First, motion blur makes it impossible to focus on an object. Second, the user is not able to direct their attention for long enough to comprehend the content before it scrolls out of the window.

The EU COMPUTED venture has made the Spotlights programming to address a considerable lot of the weaknesses of ordinary looking over. The naming of the new programming depends on the spotlight illustration of human visual consideration. According to existing research, visual attention needs about half a second to focus, which is longer than the average amount of time that a sentence or picture remains on the screen when using the normal scrolling technique.Spotlights works by locating on each webpage whether it is a document, PDF, video, or web document, the visually important elements, and presents them using a transparent layer that appears on top of the text. These elements can take a number of forms, ranging from pictures, tables, graphs, headlines or sub-headings. In essence, the software chooses what the user should focus on and allows them enough time to be able to do so.