New Microsoft Lumia phablet leaks, possibly Lumia 1330


In the image above, showing off a number of Microsoft and Nokia devices, including the yet unannounced Lumia 535, readers also spotted a phablet sized device carrying the Microsoft branding. The device is roughly the same size as the Lumia 1520, most likely putting it in the 6″ screen size category; but it has the same rounded corners as the 1320. With an identical camera shape, as well as the same circular LED flash, it’s quite possible this is out first glimpse of the Lumia 1330.

It’s worth noting that the blue color visible in the image above is actually a new addition to the Lumia line-up, a much darker and more intense blue than the Cyan color Nokia have used in the past. Given that Nokia and Microsoft have been pushing out new colors with every generation of devices, it’s possible this is the new “2015 Lumia color collection”.

Source: windowsblogitalia