Lotus’ new electric hypercar is named as ‘Evija’


Lotus is spill the beans at last for their new Type 130 electric hypercar. Yes the car name is little different than Lotus’s other cars, however the new machine called the Evija pronounced as “ev-eye-a”. While the company’s name is little strange though, there is a meaning as “the first in existence” or “the living one”. It makes given both Lotus traditions and what is represents to the brand. Most of its cars name starts with E (Esprit, Elise, Exige), and it only seems fitting to name an EV as, well, “Ev.”

We don’t’ have to wait too long to get some proper details. Goodwood Festival of Speed attendees will get a “sneak peek” at the Evija through a light show, and a formal reveal is due later in July.

Source: Engadget