Logitech’s latest device Logi Dock can help remote workers in many ways

Logi Dock can act as a docking station as well as a speakerphone

Logitech’s latest device Logi Dock can help remote workers in many ways

Logitech has come up today with a new device that can help remote employees profoundly. It is a Logi Dock, which can be used as both a docking station and a speakerphone. This device is aimed at those people who work at their homes temporarily or permanently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Logi Dock reliefs the remote employees by having a little cable management in their home offices.

When we look at the uses of the Logi Dock, we find that it is partly a docking station and also a USB hub. As a docking station, it can take input from laptops and output up to two displays via HDMI and a Display port. It has three USB-C ports with one port having 10W power delivery for a laptop and two USB-A ports. Besides these uses, it also has a Bluetooth feature for connecting wireless headsets and also a Kensington Lock. Logi Dock not only functions as a USB dock and as a display adapter but also has outfitted speakers and an array of noise-canceling microphones. These can be used for video calling as well as playing music.

Logi Dock comes up with a LED lighting on its bottom which can silently alert your upcoming meetings or notify you about the disabling of microphone or web camera. The physical controls one can have while using Logi Dock are for joining meetings, turning the camera on or off, muting the microphones, and ending the calls.

Logitech said that they are seeking certification for Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams for Logi Dock. Once it is certified, the device soon after the launch will be compatible with all three of them. The device will also work with Logi Tune app, which is expecting to have calendar integration this month.

For all reasons, Logi Dock sounds to be a useful device especially for working from home people whose desktop turned out to be a mess of cables. We are expecting that the device will be available by this winter with an MSRP of $399. Logi Dock will be launched in Graphite and White colors, among which the Graphite model features Microsoft Teams functionality.