LG V20 finally available in India for Rs 54,999


LG is finally gearing up to launch the LG V20 in India. The V20 is a very exciting smartphone with top of the line multimedia and audio capabilities.

According to a Mumbai-based retailer, the V20 will be launched in India at an MRP of Rs 60,000, with a best buy price of Rs 54,999. While the pricing sounds quite steep, it must be noted that the V20’s primary competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has literally blown up in Samsung’s face and the iPhone 7 Plus starts at Rs 72,000.

The V20 comes with a 5.7-inch IPS Quantum Display alongside a secondary display for notifications and quick toggles. It comes with a very high-end DAC (digital audio controller) because of which its audio capabilities are far superior to most other high-end smartphones.

It also has dual camera set-up with a 135-degree 8MP lens alongside a 16MP 75 degree lens. On the front there is a 5MP camera for selfies. Additionally, the V20 comes with very high quality microphones making it the ideal smartphone for those who like to shoot a lot of video on their devices.

Source: techradar.com