Lenovo’s Smart Clock 2 now includes a wireless charging pad


Lenovo’s Smart Clock 2 is impressive because it is some what derived from Google Assistant-powered displays, (because Lenovo is one of the manufacturing partner for Google) and the fit and finish is clean and it is cheaper than competitors. Lenovo’s Smart Clock essentially a smaller alarm clock with speakers and a mic for you to talk to Google’s Assistant.

This new Smart Clock 2 offers some improvements over its predecessor Smart Clock by $10 more. And it comes with a wireless charging pad that lets you juice up your compatible devices and doubles as a nightlight.

Like its predecessor, the Smart Clock 2 is a four-inch display encased in a cute, sort of pyramid-shaped frame. It looks nearly identical to the last model, except it has a taller base below the screen now. This is likely because Lenovo moved the device’s speakers to the front, to give a better sound quality.

The fabric covering the Smart Clock 2 is got new is new color options to choose from: black and blue. Though the fabric material is same as earlier.

Source: Engadget