Google Assistant’s Gemini Might Gain Spotify Control Soon


Google’s AI assistant, Gemini, could soon expand its reach to include music streaming giant Spotify. While initially limited in functionality, Gemini has gained support for various Google apps and even a YouTube Music extension. Now, a report by Android Authority suggests Spotify integration might be on the horizon.

The evidence comes from strings of code discovered within the Google app itself. This code seems to reference a Spotify extension and potentially signing into Spotify accounts using Gemini. The code was found in version of the Google app for Android.

The code snippets mention “robin,” a known development codename for Gemini. One line indicates “Starting to play on Spotify,” likely the user notification after Gemini processes a music request. Another line mentions “Spotify requires sign-in,” suggesting a potential log-in requirement. Whether this means opening the Spotify app for login or providing credentials directly to Gemini remains unclear.

<string =”assistant_robin_action_spotify_tap_snackbar”>Starting to play on Spotify</strings>
<string =”assistant_robin_action_spotify_signin_error”>Spotify requires sign in</strings>

While the code signifies development, it’s unlikely for an immediate rollout. Google is likely conducting initial testing with these code snippets.

If successful, a Spotify extension might first reach beta testers before a wider release, potentially taking months. However, this is speculation, and an official announcement from Google is awaited.