Flipkart announces paid subscription service, Flipkart First


Flipkart has announced a new annual subscription based service, called Flipkart First. The subscribers of this service will get their orders delivered within a day’s time with unlimited access to in-a-day guarantee delivery. Standard delivery is also always free, with no minimum purchase price. In case you want your order delivered the very same day, you get access to same day guarantee delivery at a discounted price. The subscribers also get the added bonus of 60 day replacement guarantee instead of the standard 30 day replacement guarantee. This service also assures priority customer service and minimal wait times.

After reading so many good points, there will always be terms and conditions at the bottom and so here as well, which says that in-a-day guarantee delivery and same day guarantee delivery are available in specific locations only and the above offers will only be applicable when you buy products from WS Retail, to begin with.

Flipkart did not reveal the exact launch date of this service or the subscription rate. But as an introductory scheme it is offering 75,000 customers a chance to win a three month subscription for free. The winners of this scheme will be announced on May 20.

SOURCE: Flipkart

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