Facebook’s Progressive Web App to offer its cloud gaming services on iOS

Facebook's cloud gaming enabled through its website on iOS


Facebook’s cloud gaming will now be available on iOS devices too. Similar to the services of Amazon and Microsoft, Facebook too is relying on the Facebook Gaming website. To be made available on the App Store on Apple, the conditions to be satisfied cannot be done easily and the companies claim that it will destroy the gaming experience.

Users can visit the Facebook Gaming website and add a Progressive Web App (PWA). This will act as a shortcut to the gaming service when added to the home screen from the Safari share sheet. On iOS devices for allowing cloud gaming clients, the games are to be individually downloadable from the App Store. None of the cloud gaming service providers view it as a reasonable criterion.

Vivek Sharma, Facebook’s VP of gaming told The Verge that “web apps are the only option for streaming cloud games on iOS at the moment”. He also added that “Apple’s requirement for each cloud game to have its own page…defeats the purpose of cloud gaming”. Facebook has added short info on how to use the Gaming website on Safari for the first time. Apple doesn’t allow other payments platform, so users will have to first visit Facebook’s Pay platform to make the in-game purchases.