Evernote’s Penultimate for iPad improved to behave more naturally


Evernote has released a Penultimate update for its iPad app. The updated app brings improvements that let you take handwritten notes more naturally and is now available for download from the App Store, which is pinned at the source link below. The new features in the app include:

Usability Enhancements

  • You can now swipe from off screen when in portrait mode to navigate between pages in a notebook.
  • New animations when you open and close a notebook.
  • New pen selection menu. This has been totally redesigned and now each pen width can have its own color.

Improved handwriting performance

  • Better ink rendering.
  • Better palm recognition. This should help with stray marks on the screen.
  • A variety of other bug fixes that should make the app more stable.
  • We fixed an issue where a stray mark could not be erased when in zoomed mode but disappeared when zooming out.

Jot Script enhancements

  • More persistent connectivity with the Jot Script stylus.
  • We added a Jot Script connectivity indicator to the pen tool and menu. It’s now easier to see if your Jot Script is connected and if you are running low on battery.
  • Connect your Jot Script right from the pen menu.

Better syncing and sharing

  • Penultimate notes have a new style when viewed in Evernote.
  • Enhancements to shared notebooks.

SOURCE: App StoreEvernote Blog

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