Duolingo reportedly working on a math app for kids

Duolingo was listed on the stock market last week

Duolingo reportedly working on a math app for kids

The popular language-learning app is entering a new arena. Last week on the same day as the company got listed in the stock market, its CEO Luis von Ahn mentioned that they are working on a math app for kids. 

TechCrunch reports that the company told them that it is still too early to provide more details. We can expect that more details will be shared at Duocon, the company’s annual free conference. TechCrunch also reports that the company was looking for a learning scientist with a Ph.D. in mathematics to help them build a new math app. This job listing provides a clue that the app will be for young learners. The users of Duolingo might have a mixed reaction towards the news of a maths app.

Ahn had also mentioned that the company wants to get into more areas outside language on the company’s IPO day. It has been noted that Ahn always wanted to explore a math app. 

Duolingo has also developed Duolingo ABC which is a literacy app for kids and Duolingo English Test. It also had many failed ideas like AI-powered chatbots. We don’t know how will the math app will look like or whether it will add monetization settings. It will be Duolingo’s first project beyond the field of language learning.