Dolby is now designing speakers for laptops


The San Francisco-based, Dolby Labs said today in a briefing with journalists that it’s now working directly with laptop makers to design speakers. Its initial hardware partner is Chinese manufacturer Huawei; and the Huawei MateBook X, which launched earlier this summer It was the first consumer laptop that contains the Dolby-designed speakers.

Dolby has been proving various technologies to PC OEMs for around a decade now, according to the company. But the difference with this new initiative is that it is now weighing in on the speaker design process at the start of the laptop’s manufacturing process, instead of applying its audio technology to a product or program after it’s already made.

Dolby senior product manager Jeremiha Douglas said this is the “deepest level of collaboration” the company has ever had with a consumer device system, and said that it was partly driven by evolving laptop designs. As laptops sport thinner and lighter designs, Douglas added, “they have less room for audio.”

Source: The Verge