Discord rolls out a feature for threaded conversations

Threads will be archived after 24 hours

Discord rolls out a feature for threaded conversations

Discord had recently added a Stage Discovery feature on its platform. Now the platform has another feature coming out which allows threaded conversations. It will be available on Discord’s desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Any message can now be converted into a thread by using the ‘#’ button that will appear when you slide the mouse over the message. You can also create a new thread by clicking on the ‘+’ button and selecting the “Create Thread” option. All the threads can be viewed in the sidebar. If you open the thread it will appear on the other side of the panel. The threads will be automatically archived after 24 hours. This is to avoid overcrowding of the channels, Discord clarified.

You can also take part in private threads if you use a server with Nitro subscriptions on level two. This won’t appear on the server’s channel listing and you can join only if someone invites you to it. The time for these conversations to be archived is one week. Discord has added a permission option to channel owners to decide who all can participate in a thread. 

The feature will be enabled on all servers from August 17th. Community servers will receive the update a little early though.