Canon showcased a prototype 180- and 360-degree VR camera


Canon, a well-known name in traditional photography, might be gearing up to make a significant foray into the realm of virtual reality (VR). During the Photo Next 2023 exhibition in Japan, the company unveiled a prototype convertible camera that showcases its potential VR ambitions. The unnamed device boasts an innovative folding mechanism that enables it to capture both 360-degree video and 180-degree 3D content. Several websites, including PetaPixel and DIY Photography, have observed the striking resemblance between Canon’s prototype and the Insta360 EVO, which also employs a folding mechanism for 180-degree 3D capture. However, Canon has not divulged any specific details regarding specifications, pricing, or availability, according to Pronews.

In the past, Canon has only dabbled in virtual reality to a limited extent. For example, in 2021, the company introduced a dual fisheye lens for its RF mirrorless camera system. Notably, the camera showcased by Canon at the Photo Next event prominently features the company’s “V” branding, typically reserved for consumer-oriented products. This suggests that Canon may be gearing up to take VR more seriously. Although Canon has often been conservative in embracing new technologies, their cautious approach could prove advantageous this time. Consumer adoption of VR has been relatively slow, but with Apple’s recent entry into the market, Canon may be well-positioned to capitalize on the growing interest in VR once the market matures.