Apps help you to track ATMs with cash!


With people desperately looking to withdraw cash and many ATMs either shut or quickly running out of cash, at least two initiatives have emerged to help people find ATMs with cash. Cashnocash, is an app that uses crowd-sourcing to help customers track ATMs, banks and post offices with real-time cash availability. CMS ATM Finder is another similar initiative by ATM management company CMS.

Cashnocash, which went live from Monday, is a web-based app that is available across the country with information from about 4,000 ATMs. Some 8,000 people have already used it. When one logs onto the site and searches for ATMs in a particular area, it shows up a series of ATMs with an option to inform whether it has money, and how long will be the approximate waiting time. This helps others logging on subsequently. But right now, while you will get a list of the ATMs around you, there may be no data on them, given that very few have used the app so far.