Apple is reportedly buying older TV shows to challenge Netflix and Amazon


According to some reports, Apple TV is in the process of buying several older shows and movies from various sources. Although Apple TV+ launched with the main goal of delivering original content, and despite the platform having a fair share of recently released movies, the streaming service may need more rich content to give users with various types of option in the bucket. So the competition is aggressive and the competitors are like Netflix and Amazon are far ahead, so Apple also trying hard to do what is possible to come along. 

Bloomberg notes that Apple TV+ execs are taking pitches from Hollywood studios about licensing some of its content for the streaming service. Although we don’t know the titles specifically, Apple has already agreed to buy some shows and films. According to sources, Apple will still maintain focus on delivering original content but also wants to round it out with additional content to garner new subscribers. It’s rumoured that Apple’s initial approach to flood its service with new content hasn’t resulted in the numbers the company had anticipated.