AI-powered social media influencer/model lands 100+ sponsorships

'Rozy' is a virtual human built by Sidus Studio X in August of last year

AI-powered social media influencer/model lands 100+ sponsorships

AI influencers and virtual human models are becoming the next trend as technology advances. Because there are no privacy scandals and no time-space constraints with these virtual persons, it has suddenly emerged as a blue-chip in the advertising sector. The usage of virtual persons appears to be gaining traction in the COVID-19 epidemic, where there are several limits on mobility and the number of individuals who may gather. 

 Baek Seung Yeop, CEO of Sidus Studio X, which invented ‘Rozy,’ a rapidly developing blue-chip in the advertising sector, remarked on September 10: Because of school violence scandals or bullying problems, celebrities are occasionally withdrawn from dramas that they have been filming. Virtual beings, on the other hand, have no scandals to worry about.

‘Rozy’ is a virtual human built by Sidus Studio X in August of last year. Her age will always remain 22 years old, and she has maintained an active online presence as a real person since December of last year. When she first appeared in a Shinhan Life advertising in July, this virtual human drew a lot of attention.

  Rozy now has advertising contracts with firms and a large number of sponsorships, according to CEO Baek Seung Yeop. “We’ve advertised twice this week alone, and now we have eight exclusive contracts,” CEO Baek stated, adding, “She’s landed more than 100 sponsorships, but we haven’t been able to process them yet.”

 “We have now reached our target profit,” he continued, “and I believe Rozy will be able to make more than 1 billion KRW ($854,007) by the end of this year.” CEO Baek characterized Rozy’s aesthetic as follows: “We didn’t utilise anyone in particular as a model for her style. The MZ generation prefers to keep their flaws hidden rather than reveal them. We didn’t consider western beauty to be the gold standard of beauty either.”

Rozy’s future ambitions were also revealed by CEO Baek Seung Yeop. He went on to say that the corporation intends to broaden Rozy’s horizons, pushing into movies, plays, and entertainment shows.

 According to CEO Baek, the popularity of virtual humans stems from the fact that there is no risk of commercials being halted due to nasty privacy scandals if the AI model is chosen as the advertising model. Furthermore, unlike real humans, the place and scenario may be constructed using computer graphics, therefore the virtual model is not confined in time or space. Another advantage is that the model can be active for an indefinite period of time because the virtual human does not get sick or get old.